Top 10 Best Fluorescent LED Grow Lights for 2022

Live in a cold and dark region or like indoor planting? Worry not! It is still possible for you to grow your plants healthily notwithstanding the low levels of sunlight and solar illumination. These are special lighting apparatuses that mimic the workings of the normal sun and hence aid with photosynthesis.

We have scoured the many options that be at the moment. Stemming from that, we are going to review the leading fluorescent grow lights that may facilitate the proper growth of your plants well. How about you taking the time to read through and gain the inspiration you need?

10 Best Fluorescent LED Grow Lights for 2022

10. VIVOSUN 6500K 4FT T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Light

10: VIVOSUN 6500K 4FT T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Light

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In a nutshell, this is a lighting apparatus that comprises six lamps. These six lamps have the ability to cover a greenhouse completely and guarantee uniform growth. The combined output of the individual lamps sees to it that you receive maximum illumination and proper growth.

When compared to the competing gadgets, this one works wonders insofar as indoor lighting is concerned. Many hydroponic stores have consistently relied on it to deliver their expectations with a fairer degree of precision and reliability. The end result of the plants is stronger growth and maximum health. Moreover, it also helps the flowers to blossom fully and healthily.

Key Features

  • Plug-and-play ballasts
  • 120V input
  • 8-feet power cable
  • 6500K high-output fluorescent bulbs
  • 95% highly-reflective Aluminum

9. Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT48 T5 Fluorescent, 4 Foot, 8 Tube Grow Light System, 4-Feet, White

9: Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT48 T5 Fluorescent, 4 Foot, 8 Tube Grow Light System, 4-Feet, White

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It is no secret that different gardens exhibit different designs. You can never pick any grow light and use it randomly on any garden hence. Instead, you have to insist on that which may meet your precise needs as nearly as can be. How about choosing this versatile one?

Its design is such that it delivers exceptional performance and enables maximum flexibility. Additionally, the light output of each lamp that makes up the entire system is also high enough to impact your plants fully. On the whole, its energy output is also efficient and won’t harm your plants.

Key Features

  • 10-feet grounded power cord
  • 8 6400K T5 Tubes
  • 40,000 Lumens light output
  • Powder-coated steel housing
  • High-performance faceted specular Aluminum

8. Hydroplanet T5 4ft 8lamp Fluorescent Ho Bulbs

8: Hydroplanet T5 4ft 8lamp Fluorescent Ho Bulbs

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During a typical lighting and growing session, you may have to orient the bulbs in different planes and inclinations. For your maximum peace of mind, you badly want a lighting apparatus that may incline either horizontally or vertically. We draw this specific gadget to your mind and consideration.

Its interior is highly reflective thanks to the extensive use of super-bright Aluminum makeup. The housing of each bulb on the other hand features a durable powder coating that spares the same from the dangers that may occasion premature damages when in use. That of course leads to a longer lifespan on the whole.

Key Features

  • 4A (ampere)
  • 15-foot power cord
  • Electronic Testing Laboratory listed
  • 95% reflective aluminum reflectors
  • 8 x 6500K HO Grow bulbs

7. iPower GLT5XX4B2 54WX2 4 Feet 2-Bulb T5 Fluorescent Grow Light

7: iPower GLT5XX4B2 54WX2 4 Feet 2-Bulb T5 Fluorescent Grow Light

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On the whole, this item embodies high performance, maximum flexibility, and higher light output all in one comprehensive packaging. Thus, it facilitates the growth of just about any plan and in any environment possible. A number of factors converge to make this possible. Chief of these is the high-efficiency bulbs.

These bulbs expend limited utility energy but at the same time give off truly bright light output. On the same note, they do not overheat to the extent of imperiling your safety while handling the same. It hence goes that the bulbs are cost-effective and less likely to push your utility bills through the roof.

Key Features

  • Vertical leg bar
  • Foot bar
  • T-shaped plastic connect
  • Straight plastic connect
  • Crossbar with cord and lock

6. Durolux DL822N T5 HO 2Ft 2 Fluorescent Lamps Grow Lighting System

6: Durolux DL822N T5 HO 2Ft 2 Fluorescent Lamps Grow Lighting System

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Operate a timeline that is somewhat limited or squeezed? If you do, we can never ask you to pick and make use of any better set of fluorescent lights than this one. It comes about as plug-and-play in the sense of being easy and ready for use.

Adding to its many distinct advantages is the fact that it generates a whopping 5,000 lumens of light output. This is sufficiently high as to impact even the most deciduous plants with absolute perfection. Its efficacy is a whopping 50% greater than that of the competing gadgets. Count it to deliver exceptional ends for you hence.

Key Features

  • 5,000 lumens
  • 6,500K full spectrum
  • Low profile 7-inch wide reflector
  • 50W full light output
  • 95% reflective German hammer tone reflector

5. LightWise LWF54T5HO865 8pack 4 FT 6500K T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs

5: LightWise LWF54T5HO865 8pack 4 FT 6500K T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs

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Want to deepen and enhance the growth of your plants? This is the lighting apparatus to pick and dedicate to the job. It is designed to enhance the flowering stages of the growth of the plants. That is evidenced by its ability to make plants blossom properly.

Many people have used it in the budding stages and have found it a truly awesome item to use at such times. Its light output comes in the form of a broad spectrum and is hence wholly effective. The impacts it gives off are also wholesome and encompassing to yield forth exceptional ends.

Key Features

  • “GROW” spectrum
  • Full-term light source
  • 20,000-hour lifespan
  • High-intensity discharge bulbs
  • Consumes far less energy

4. DuroLux T5 Grow Light – 2 FT 4 Lamps

4: DuroLux T5 Grow Light - 2 FT 4 Lamps

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Of all the lighting apparatus we have, this one tends to be the brightest. Its light output comes to around 10,000 lumens and is able to impact even the darkest spots or the most deciduous plants we have. Many professional farmers have indeed found solace and reliability in it.

With 95% reflectivity, the gadget does work to conserve the rays of light and minimize the possible wastes of the light altogether. Compared to its peers, this produces a whopping 30% more light output than the alternative lighting systems or mechanisms. Also, it accepts numerous accessories, a fact that extends its operations.

Key Features

  • DL824 HO fluorescent hydroponic fixture
  • Bloom veg daisy chain
  • 2 feet 4-lamp fluorescent grow-light
  • 30% less weight
  • Works with timers

3. DuroLux DL842N T5 4Ft 2 Fluorescent Lamps Grow Lighting System

3: DuroLux DL842N T5 4Ft 2 Fluorescent Lamps Grow Lighting System

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Could it be that you have some tough, powerful, and deciduous plants to grow and mature? If you have, we can never ask you to place your bet on a better grow light than this one. It is overall a powerful grow lighting mechanism that comes about in a low profile as well.

Its interior is also 95% more reflective than that of your ordinary gadgets and is thus more effective. Overall, the gadget generates 50% more light than your traditional lighting apparatus. A full Aluminum body also rounds up the list of all the strong points that the gadget has to offer.

Key Features

  • Low profile 7-inch wide reflector
  • Powerful grow lighting system
  • Pre-wired 6-foot power cord
  • 1 on/off switch
  • Full Alum body

2. Durolux T5 Ho Grow Light – 4 Foot 4 Lamps

2: Durolux T5 Ho Grow Light - 4 Foot 4 Lamps

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Your typical plant growth requires many co-operant tools and accessories to operationalize. You can only guarantee that if you lay your hands on a piece of equipment that is able to accept and work alongside many extras such as this one. It also goes beyond that to provide more light output.

It is on the whole capable of powering 5 fixtures at one go. Also, it works great to declutter your interiors thanks to the fact it incorporates and blends well with many like-minded gadgets. Use it also to organize your smaller and cramped interiors.

Key Features

  • Plug-and-play stature
  • 4 feet 4-lamp T5 light-weight grow fixture
  • 6,500 kelvin
  • Blue-white veg lamps
  • 8-foot power cable

1. DuroLux T5 HO Grow Light

1: DuroLux T5 HO Grow Light

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Are you mainly mindful of your safety? If at all you are, we ask you to try this lighting apparatus out. It is packed with loads of safety features that work hard to safeguard your welfare as a user. These are made possible by the Underwriter’s Laboratory testing and certification.

Its light output is also truly amazing in the sense of hitting the whopping 40,000 lumens. With this degree of brightness comes the ability of the lamp to impact your plants in ways that are comprehensive. Also coming along is the energy efficacy that drives down the utility expenses.

Key Features

  • 40,000 lumens light output
  • Hanging hooks and chains
  • 4 feet 8 lamps
  • UL/CUL safety approved
  • Flexible light output


With the kinds of in-depth information we have given regarding the fluorescent grow lights above, we now expect you to do a better job of finding one. All you have is to prioritize the list above as it contains those lighting gadgets that have been vouched for to stand out.

In your search for the right gadget, we ask you to consider the light output, the scope, or the extent to be lit, and the energy consumption. They all have a bearing on the kinds of experiences you may obtain from the gadgets altogether. As always, we wish you all the best in your search!

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